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Hi, hey there, hello! My official introduction to tarot was a few weeks after the Presidential election. But for real this time. There was no more running, and nowhere else to hide. From the beginning my tarot practice has been about reclamation, embodiment, and integration. As some of you may know, I am able to write out some of your life Karma for you. Although I don't go into future lives, I remind everyone that we set up our future lives by the way we choose to live this one. Spiritual Products. Learn More. Monthly Newsletter.

Current Month. Time Thursday pm CST. This workshop has already began. Session 10 — November 14 Seance — bring a fresh rose flower. Time Sunday am. Call in during with one focused question. Featured Services. Special Messages. Mercury comes into an exact square with Pluto today, lending an intensity to the climate. Mercury, in relation to Pluto, leads to penetrating insights, profundity of thought and an intensity of concentr.

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The 6th house rules the following: Your health. Your work ethic.

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Service TO others. Working for or with the. What is not clear, so I may help and clarify! Am I missing something? Moon enters Virgo, 26th September The Moon enters the bright, attentive and perspicacious sign of Virgo today. Our eyes are widened some, and take in the detail into our emotional realms, bringing clarity and perspective. Less weighed dow.

Venus Square Saturn, 25th September Venus forms a Square with Saturn today lending a sense of separateness in our intimate relationships,a sense of despondency in ourselves or, perhaps, an issue regarding finance. The Square aspect in the. Please check your inbox. Any planets that fal. Moon enters Leo, 24th September The Moon enters the fun loving, expressive, creative sign of Leo today. It is a warm-hearted, gregarious placement and brings energy and pizzazz to the climate.

The Moon formed a trine with Uranus today, ad. Did you know that we all have 3 signs which are our sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign? On Sept. The cadent houses are the weakest houses in the astrological chart. Any planets that fall. Check what house and sign your Mercury fall in to see how your 3rd house matters will manifest. Mercury Square Saturn, 22nd September Mercury, planet of communication, commerce, expression, forms a Square aspect with Saturn, planet of application, restriction, the time principle, today.

It is a moment of deep thinking, or communica. Happy anniversary or best friendship! Choose from 11 or 15 oz mugs. Search for:. Magic challenges, odd one With a double page for years old.

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Observation games, truth or action, years old. Book code: Retail price: 4. From 6 to 11 years old. Activities to sharpen the Soft cover; format From 6 to 9 years old. From 5 to 11 years old. A good way for favor logic learning, memory development and deductive skills. From 8 years old. You have to find Minecraft world. His time machine?

Who your own classic video game: the brick breaker! Solve For 11 years old. Book code: of the action! Il faut que tu te poses! Tu vas y arriver! Va au How to program the figures, make the animation, create codes while organizing the game blocks. Lecellier, Vincent Raffaitin Retail price: 8. First learnings for children presented through short stories staging a family: Arthur, For years old.

Mon premier Retail price: 5. It helps him identify civilizations from Prehistory to Modern Times. Some ideas to show the children how to How is a day organized in a Montessori behave in order to preserve the planet. Activities regarding With a time chart to make. What is different from other Book code: emotions are proposed. Book code: Book code: are the ones belonging to Book code: the Montessori grammar.

Large maps showing fauna, flora, the richness of nature and its metamorphosis. With flags too. The child will have to create his own herbarium. Over illustrations. Book code: Book code: With a 7-families game. Reusable material: time chart From 2 years old. Pouch; format Calculation learning through From concrete reality towards abstraction. Vocabulary Collective work and lastingly their skills. Book code: With elements like rods, chip bars, coins, puzzles Book code: number compositions… Book code: Book code: Retail price: 3. Book code: section de la maternelle section de la maternelle From 4 years old.

With 22 nursery and discovery of the world. From 5 years old. From years old. The child works around order Retail price: 4. To help the dys-children Several levels of difficulty. To help children stay focused. With a CD. Soft cover. Hard cover; format 20 x Mes plus belles comptines Collective work children familiarize with English. Vocabulary to Soft cover; format Collective work Retail price: 7.

Book code: For years old. How are you? English: vocabulary, grammar, key notions The perfect book to test Retail price: 4. English understanding. During a film shooting, the Retail price: 6. Children Language Learning Read In With help to start the story; audio version to download; translation of the most difficult words at the end, exercises to download; teaching aids. Same principle as "Read in English". For 10 to 14 years old. In the first one, crab, a butterfly.

Lazarillo de Tormes for love. From G. With step-by-step photos. Soft cover with flaps; format Soft cover; pages. From cards stuff a second life: chipped teacup, cat Claude Jeantet and even cooking ideas to make your and decorative objects to snacks for the In line with the zero waste DIY trend, scratched armchair, worn out shoes, Original and fun ideas of toys and own creations throughout the seasons: party, all you need to know.

Around linen… afternoon snacks. Cooking is a part of learn how to grow seeds. In Autumn, reuse old garment Around Format Follow the drawing design: delicate and nice glossy colored illustrations appear. Enrich the drawing with your own elements. Book code: Retail price: 9.

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Soft cover with Format Stage it in its habitat. Bodoni hard cover binding, format Integra binding, format Dessinez les chats! Dessinez les chevaux! A A cat laying on a couch, the appetizing bow poetic world linked to childhood memories. A simplification that leads to follow the images to end up with the recipe. Starters, meat, fish, veggies, desserts and drinks to cook easily thanks to this completely visual presentation. In each title, general tips and tricks and 40 to 50 recipes. Organic cooking, unrefined the week-end for whole week of Book code: guilt.

Book code: alternatives. Also perfect for diabetics. The main ingredients are photographed. Plenty of ideas to pick up and cook, even if you are not a chef! Though it can be tasty. The book explains how to make a balanced diet and avoid deficiency; how to make vegan butters, cheese, steak… recipes. Trout tartar with green apple, in hand-writing style characters. Book code: healthy and varied food. Each volume: hard cover; format From starters to dessert, healthy and light: Tarts, quiches; cakes, breads; biscuits, A cooking bible with 3, 4 or 5 ingredients Welcome your guests without stress!

Enough to cook cakes Formerly overweight chef for breakfast, afternoon snacks, Valentin bet on a diet rich in fruit tea time or desserts. On one page, the family meal recipe, in front, Soft cover; Book code: Book code: Retail price: Some cereals in a bowl, brioche, ice-cream cakes, fruit and season and detachable goodies as tags festive recipes, from appetizers to milk, eggs and any other ingredient chocolate cakes, mini cakes. A few Hard cover; format Tajines magiques!

Raconte-moi tes salades! Tronche de cake! Learn how to make it, its typologies, the The cooking reference Larousse with numerous step-by-step way it is savored, how to decipher explanations, basic techniques, utensil uses, cooking tips, in a the tag. A new layout. An enriched edition Retail price: An enriched edition with thematic inserts.

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With the bases of pastry: basic old-aged with, for each one, an making, the living art of cigar, from storage preparations for dough, mousses, creams. Book code: Hard cover; format Collection questions Taking care of children, to face troubles, and stay in Reading, holiday, house A picture book that bringing them to school, shape and move. The answers of professionals.