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No wonder you're slightly reluctant to take another challenging situation on board. In the situation you're in, it's wise to be a little cautious. It's okay not to want to upset the apple cart when you're confident that all its contents are in perfect condition. But if just one of the apples is rotten Sooner or later, you're going to have to deal with a wagon filled with cider! There's something that needs to be done.

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We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Click to accept. In , lovers of the world need to unite, according to astrologer Jonathan Cainer, who gives his predictions for the year ahead. Aries, March 21 - April Were you cursed, at birth, by some faceless fairy who declared that it would never be your destiny to know true emotional delight? Or did she just deprive you of that potential to feel fulfilment by waving her wand to bestow an over-active imagination?

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The changing cosmic climate of holds forth the promise, for you, of deeper contentment, greater harmony and a more meaningful experience of close interpersonal relationship. All you have to do, to claim this heavenly gift, is accept the following simple truths. Other people are other people. You are you. Nobody can be magically turned into somebody else! Subtly, over many years, you have developed keen critical faculties. When you apply them to others, they begin to look less than wonderful.

When you apply them to yourself, you begin to seem less deserving. But this year, you can simply stop applying them to anyone or anything. The big lesson of , at every level of life, is that you are safe to relax, to be yourself Taurus, April 21 - May No matter how wonderful or otherwise a partner may be when we think kind, wistful thoughts about them, it is never always easy to coexist with anyone. An awareness of that awkward truth may cause many people, over time, to become so guarded that, they themselves inadvertently become a difficult person to love. It can be too unnervingly easy to qualify for that description.

All a person has to do is feel that somehow, the amount of love that they have to share must be limited by the amount that they are likely to receive. Such people effectively become the equivalent of emotional accountants. In , you need to throw away the ledger, ignore the trial balance and apply no more interest to the projections. Just bring yourself into such a position of trust that you are willing to keep giving, regardless of what returns this may attract. That, in itself, will ensure all your investments pay off. Gemini, May 22 - June Please accept it in the spirit of the season.

It is As far as your love life is concerned, it really is just what you always wanted. The future you dread. The one you generally tend to avoid thinking about in order to keep yourself emotionally sane and safe. This uncomfortable conjecture is exacerbated by a memory of something painful that happened in your past. How can you look forward with trust to a potential repetition? Even if the longer-term future does contain bittersweet moments, they will be linked to events that are truly magical.

Cancer, June 23 - July What do you need to do, in , to bring into your life a sense of profound love, deep emotional connection, intense, genuine fulfilment and magical romance? Indeed, the harder you try, the more you may risk complicating something which ought to be very simple. Forget what you regret. Ignore what you fear. Embrace what you hope will happen and allow yourself no nervousness or self-doubt.

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Even if you do experience this, it need not get in your way this year. Not only does the universe love you, several very particular and specific manifestations of universal judgement by way of discerning and appreciative human beings will be keen to let you know just how much you are loved. You really can sit back and wait and see what or who comes to you.

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Naturally, organically, you will become almost magnetic in your ability to draw towards you the support - and the love, and the recognition, and the appreciation - that you deserve, and which the cosmos is effectively saying you can have this year. Other than that, you can relax and be patient.

Leo, July 24 - August Were you not made to be loved? There is not now, nor has there ever been, a shortage of people who are magically, magnetically drawn towards you You are deeply discriminating. Arguably indeed, you raise the bar so high that none but a superhuman could possibly soar above it.

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Yet if anyone, on this planet packed with mere mortals, ever seriously hopes to gaze into the eyes of a genuine living god or goddess, the only hope of this ever happening is going to involve a Leo, looking in the mirror. So you had best make sure you are a deity, not just of fine physical form, but of infinite kindness and divine forgiveness, too! You become more relaxed. You become more willing to accept love and that makes it easier for others to love you.

And, of course, the more that others show their love to you, the more you will in turn, be able to respond.

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That all gives rise to a rather lovely bubble of emotional contentment which will slowly envelop you more with each month, in this surprisingly rewarding year. Virgo, August 24 - September Sometimes, indeed, you find it easier to give than to receive. Maybe you fear that if they could see the scarier, sharper side of your own personality Although we have to be honest and say that if anyone ever comes close to perfection In , you confront this dichotomy and you vanquish it.

That exciting triumph emerges as the outcome of a process of deep, inner personal development. This will eventually lead you to new-found confidence in your own ability to show and share sensitivity, tolerance, kindness, adaptability and patience.

Do I try too much? Do I make things available too quickly, things that ought to be fought for with more of a vengeance?

Daily Aquarius Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

Such guarded thoughts can soon be put aside. In you find your way to a more profound understanding of what love really is and real love finds its way very easily towards you. Libra, September 24 - October Every relationship is, to some extent, a mirror. A mirror of our own attitude and our expectation. A reflection of the quality of emotion we are giving out, how much respect we are showing another person, how well we are treating them and thus, how much we are earning the love we so much wish to feel. Your journey through involves a process of self-discovery that could soon cause you to start seeing very different things through the looking glass of your heart.

The other big feature in your emotional life this year will be the way in which you find yourself working closely with someone as part of a team. It takes a real willingness to listen, to co-operate, to respect and to compromise. The enhanced ability to collaborate will be yet one more additional reason why your romantic outlook, this year, proves so constantly rewarding and pleasing, the further into the year ahead you get. Scorpio, October 24 - November Once upon a time, in the long rich history of your romantic aspirations, there were bright, happy visions of palaces and princesses, waltzes and carriages, ballrooms and balconies, swathed in glorious moonlight.

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Oh yes, there were. Though it may, I suppose, be some while since you last let your imagination cavort quite so freely along the corridor of cliches. You soon learned that true romance is the ultimate expression of emotional affinity. And that the deepest close personal bonds are always earned and built over many years, not instantly granted and suddenly fulfilled.

You also learned, though you may have sometimes forgotten, how the finest friendships are often forged in the fire of conflict. How you never really know someone until or unless you fall out with them. And how a relationship restored from near ruination can be the most rewarding kind of all. And really, not just the one treat. The further into this year you get, the more deeply someone very special and wonderful will get into you.