Horoscop pisces 11 december 2019

Pisces Tomorrow

The forward motion of Career Planet, Jupiter will be helpful for your career growth. In addition to hard work, you have the assistance of your partner and social connections for career success. Socializing and networking with powerful people will boost your position at the workplace. This will help your financial confidence and enhance your social status.

Finances can be improved with the help of your social contacts. Pisces sun sign have enough time to indulge in their personal hobbies during the Mercury retrograde.

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What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Love horoscope for forecasts that Pisces compatibility with your spouse or partner will be harmonious this month. Your beloved will be happy to cater to your wishes. Socially you will be interacting with the powerful and influential people.

Pisces December Horoscope – Birthday Compatibility

Singles will be able to attract love mates before the 12th. There are some chances of getting pregnant too. You are looking for partners who will help your professional prospects. Love is to be found among seniors and people of higher position.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

Mercury and Saturn are helping Pisces sexuality. Test Now! Pisces health horoscope foretells delicate health till the 22nd. This can be taken care of with sufficient rest and relaxation. Good relationships with family and friends will boost your health. Energy should be conserved by delegating your work to others. Unwind with your favorite TV show or hang with friends you fully trust. Pisces can get a bad rap for being lazy, but you're just an expert at relaxation when you're not stuck in your own head over-thinking.

On Saturday, September 7 , communication planet Mercury, which is currently in Virgo, opposes Neptune in Pisces, creating even more confusion. Communication may feel difficult, and just like when Mercury is retrograde, avoid signing major paperwork. Spend this day taking it easy and avoid making commitments. This feeling of confusion turns inward on Tuesday, September 10 , when the sun in diligent Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. You may feel as if someone scrambled your brain.

There is so much that you dream of accomplishing and you still can!

Pisces December 12222

Do not feel bad about taking it easy during this time. Take a long bath or go swimming if you can. Thankfully, you will feel full of swagger on Friday, September 13 , during the full moon in your sign.

This is a great day for getting your confidence back, so get your hair done, go on a long walk — basically, engage in any activities that make you feel like you. It's also an ideal night to spend with a partner having kinky sex, although you shouldn't expect anything to be casual. Even if you're in a friends-with-benefits situation, orgasms will feel transformative , and emotions will spill.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Both chatty Mercury and romantic Venus enter Libra, the sign of relationships, on Saturday, September Fairness is on your mind, and if you feel as if someone is taking advantage of you, it's the time to tell them. Saturn, the keeper of time, went retrograde in April, highlighting the part of your chart that rules friends and community.

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Over the past few months, you may have become closer with a new group of people or realized qualities in yourself that can no longer be repressed.